To reserve a spot in camp today is easy! With only a $180 deposit, you can reserve a spot in camp! Sign up early and take advantage of our "Easy Payment Plan!" (payments will be divided equally based on your remaining balance; payments will be prorated when the beginning of installments is less than four months before the start of camp; a processing fee of $8 will be added each time a payment is made.  The total camp tuition for overnight campers is only $829 and $749 for day campers. Lunch and dinner is included in the day camper tuition fee. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the overnight tuition fee. Price increases on 1/1/2022.    

Enrollment is guaranteed only when all payments are made on time and/or after receipt of total tuition. As long as room is available, enrollment will be accepted with only a $180 deposit. The $180 deposit is not refundable. Enrollment is limited! Register today!

There are lots of ways to save on tuition! Click here for more information on discounts.

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