Charles Mann working with players at camp.
Charles Mann working with players at camp.
Potential is Just a P-word Unless Its Realized
Friday, April 22, 2011

Potential becomes an important quality in a player, but acting upon it makes the difference. 


"Be coachable. Potential is just a P-word unless it is realized."


Charles Mann lived by this creed, and it earned him three Super Bowl Championship rings, two of which happened during his tenure with the Washington Redskins, and four Pro Bowl appearances. 


"Being there once is magical," said Mann of his Super Bowl Championships. "Winning three times is absolutely incredible!  No matter what happens I will always have the rings and trophies.  They will be with me forever."


Mann was a fierce competitor and reached top ranks defensively with double-digit sacks during games and earning him the nickname "C-ment." He finished his career with the Redskins tallying 82 sacks, the second most in franchise history. With all his experience and knowledge, Mann continues to be involved with the game through the Charles Mann Football Camps in Maryland.


"I was very coachable," said Mann, who started playing the game at age 10. "... I always listened and did what the coaches told me."


Mann feels that every great player learns from someone before him.  It is one of the reasons why he takes part in two football camps during the summer. In fact, he hopes to extend the Charles Mann Football Camps into week-long sessions in order to include additional classroom teachings. He would enjoy developing a defensive lineman camp someday.


One of the reasons why he coaches at camps is the players. Mann enjoys discovering potential in players and drawing out their best efforts on the field by encouraging and motivating them.


"[It's the] excitement of finding the diamond in the rough," said Mann, who named his father as his biggest influence.


Mann believes that players can benefit from the insight, success strategies, and tips that NFL players and coaches provide at Sports International camps. Mann states that one of the primary reasons as to why players keep coming back year after year lies with the highly motivating instructors. In addition to learning about teamwork and self-discipline, campers also take part in workouts that include defensive and offensive techniques taught by NFL players and coaches.


Mann feels these physical workouts prove to be essential in maintaining a player's endurance and conditioning levels high during the off-season. Working out on a year-round basis contributed to his success as a Pro Bowl selection. Mann strongly believes that these off-season workouts kept him physically fit and allowed him to stay in shape while playing for the Redskins and 49ers.


"I worked out five days a week," said Mann. "I knew there was always someone younger, stronger, and faster coming up.  I typically lifted weights in April, May and June, and then added cardio in for the last month and a half before the season started. As a Defensive Lineman, I always had to get bigger, and by running too much, I would end up losing weight."


In addition to workouts, Mann considers consistent play to be a key factor in being a great player. The Sports International Football Camps allow players to continue training on a more individualized level where campers can truly benefit from the knowledge and expertise of NFL players and coaches. Mann enjoys working with young players, but gets an even bigger thrill in helping them realize their potential.


"I like to remember the kids from year to year and look for the special kids that stand out," said Mann. "I once worked with a young Eddie George.  I love watching them develop."


The Charles Mann Football Camps are held July 16-17 at Georgetown Preparatory School in North Bethesda, MD and July 22-23 at Riverdale Baptist School in Upper Marlboro, MD.


Article by Anel Laj

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