Laying Down the Law with Lawyer Milloy
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For the love of the game...that's how many football players start out and for the most part that's what keeps them going. However talent, hard work and guidance are essential components needed in order to remain a success. Seattle Seahawks safety, Lawyer Milloy, combines all these elements in his professional life and likes to educate young players of these values at the Lawyer Milloy Football Camp at Pacific Lutheran University and the Camp he co-headlines with Devin McCourty at Merrimack College.


"I think first of all I made sure that whatever sport I played, which was ultimately football, that it was something I loved to do," stated Milloy who was drafted to play Major League Baseball by the Detroit Tigers in 1995, before being drafted in 1996 by the New England Patriots. "I think too many kids get away from that. As long as you are having fun and if it means something to you, then you will work hard at it. That always helped me get from level to level."


Throughout his 15 seasons in the NFL, Milloy reached multiple levels of individual and team success. His off-season workouts, which included playing basketball and softball, contributed to keeping him active and staying in shape. Milloy felt that consistently working hard paved the way to many accomplishments.


For Milloy, being drafted in the NFL brought on an entire range of emotions including happiness, anxiousness, and nervousness. The wide array of feelings was due in part to having to compete against and play with some of the best athletes in the world on a weekly basis, and the need to feel confident enough in his abilities. However, there was no need for anxiety as his excellent long-standing performance earned him plenty of accolades and respect on the field.


Milloy earned a spot in the Pro Bowl four times and felt honored that all his efforts were acknowledged by his fans, peers, and coaches. However, winning the Super Bowl in 2001 with the New England Patriots topped his highlight reel as one of the best moments in his professional career.


"That is the feeling that anybody who plays football at any level wants," stated Milloy who named Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton as his favorite player growing up. "It's the ultimate goal, holding the Lombardi trophy after your particular team has put in so much work. When everything goes right for a whole year. The climax is what you are in it for. When you achieve that, you feel like you are on top of the world...and for at least a year you are. That is one asterisk by your name that nobody can take away."


Reaching this level of success didn't happen alone. In addition to his perseverance and talent, guidance was a large part in shaping his future. Coaches played an important factor in reaching his personal goals. The most influential figure happened to be his high school football coach, Mr. Bill Milus.


"At a time when my family was struggling, he was pretty much the only father figure I had in my life, even though at times he probably didn't know that."


Guidance played a pivotal part in Milloy's football career. It's no wonder why he likes to participate in football camps as a mentor and provide some of that same inspiration, motivation, and player development.


Milloy feels these camps give kids exposure to professional training, such as the Competitive Athletic Training Zone that helps increase maximal improvement in athletic performance, and guidance from experienced NFL players and coaches. It also provides kids with an opportunity to interact with NFL coaches and players and get advice about college and recruitment opportunities.


Milloy feels that just as with any big break, individuals benefit the most from the experience when they wholeheartedly invest their time and effort.


"Make sure you come with a good attitude and are willing to work hard and willing to have fun," said Milloy who began playing football at age 11. "Everyday you should focus on getting better at something that is the ultimate goal. Not to turn you into Ray Lewis in 4 days, but for you to figure out what you do well and try to do it better. And if you can get better in a few areas that's great and if you leave with a smile on your face that is what we want...It's a pretty simple formula; you come to camp and get after it, work hard and leave with a lot of memories and hopefully some new friends."


Special congratulations to Lawyer Milloy and the Seahawks for making it to the playoffs!


Article by Anel Laj

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