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All Dates, Locations and Players are subject to change

Age Groups
Campers age 7-18 are welcome to attend the camp. The size of the Jimmy Smith & Marlon Brown Football Camp allows our staff to separate players by age, ability, size, weight, experience and aggressiveness. It is difficult or impossible to do this in a smaller football camp. When smaller camps do not have the correct number of athletes, they are forced to match up players that should not face each other. When players are not matched up properly, they will experience frustration, failure, and loss of confidence. The Jimmy Smith & Marlon Brown Football Camp has a very adequate number of players at each age level to not only provide proper match-ups, but to also challenge players and provide a great learning environment during camp. Jimmy Smith & Marlon Brown's outstanding coaching staff and learning environment has developed a national reputation for being the best high school, middle school, and youth football camp in the USA!

Elementary Level-Beginners and experienced players
The high school level coaching staff and pros feel they have a great responsibility to this age group. This group is very special and will receive personalized attention and training. Learning proper technique at this age is very important, but our staff never forgets "football is a game." While still making each practice fun, our veteran coaching staff and pros will step it up a notch each day with more advanced technique training.

For campers that have more experience in this level, coaches will work with players on more advanced technique training on both offense and defense. We take pride in the number of players we have helped to make and contribute to their youth league or school team. Our high school/college level coaching staff and pros will intensify the instruction in all phases of the game with positive, enthusiastic instruction and more advanced technique training.

Middle School and Jr. High Level-Beginners and experienced players
Our coaching staff's goal for this age group is to prepare each player for his school team! If you have never played football before or if you are an advanced player, we know how to make you a better football player! The instruction will intensify in all phases of the game as the week goes on. Each player will receive more advanced technique training each day of camp. Each player will return to their team a much improved football player!

High School Level- Beginners* and experienced players
Simply put, our coaching staff's goal is to help each high school player attain their football goals! The coaching staff for the high school age group is made up primarily of college coaches and some high school coaches. The Jimmy Smith & Marlon Brown Football Academy is considered to be the finest in the nation! We know how to make you a better football player! We will do everything in our power to help anyone from camp play at the college level. Players selected to the "Gridiron Elite" (ages 15-18 only) will have their evaluations forwarded to over 2,000 college football coaches nationwide. Through our partnership with NCSA, they will send each award winners information to an additional 5,000 coaches across the country. "Gridiron Elite" members will also receive an award and have their names placed on the Jimmy Smith & Marlon Brown Football Academy Wall of Fame!

*If you have never played on an organized football team, the Jimmy Smith & Marlon Brown Football Camp is a great opportunity to "give it a try"! Marty Kuser found out you can learn to play football at any age. Marty played soccer through the 10th grade before attending football camp. He attended Wake Forest University on a full scholarship to play football.