Specialty Clinic

The new and improved Specialty Clinic will have even more elite training instructors featuring hand selected football coaches on staff. The purpose of the Specialty Clinic is to give each athlete an opportunity to receive focused, intense, position-specific technique training. This concentrated training session will help each participant have a more positive, productive experience. Clinic athletes range from age 7 to 18 with instructional squads being separated by age and skill level to make sure proper instruction is given to each participant.

To be successful, professional players repeatedly practice daily the fundamentals and skills necessary for their individual positions. The Specialty Clinic offers players an opportunity to advance their position skills and fundamental techniques. This program is a one day clinic will be held prior to the first day of the camp from 9:00 a.m. 12:30 p.m. Lunch is included.

Football equipment needed: Helmet, one light and one dark football jersey, shoulder pads, mouth piece, and football shoes. Equipment is available to rent for a nominal fee.

Lineman, Linebacker, Cornerback, Safety, and Defensive End Clinic:
This clinic is designed to give each student athlete an opportunity to receive concentrated work in the position he plans to play for his home football team. This experience will aid each participant in developing the ability to perform at the peak of his potential. Offensive and Defensive Lineman, Linebacker, Cornerback, Safety and Defensive Ends are some of the most unglamorous positions in football. They are the most unsung positions on the field, but they also contribute the most to the success or failure of every game! Great demands are placed on these positions! If you are going to play one of these positions next fall, you owe it to yourself and your teammates to learn and learn well every skill and technique available for the position you select. Our skilled coaching staff will teach you the skills and techniques needed to be successful during this concentrated training clinic.

Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Running Back, and Tight End Clinic:
These are the most skilled positions in football! They demand a great deal of discipline and correct repetition to perfect the skill and techniques necessary to perform at these positions. In most cases when fall practice begins, a football coach simply does not have the time needed to perfect these offensive positions. This clinic will aid each participant in developing the ability to perform at the peak of his potential when he returns home. Our training techniques guide participants through a skill-learning process where every teaching experience has a purpose. This allows our staff to identify each participant's personal needs and develop their skills. Our skilled coaching staff will teach you the skills and techniques needed to be successful during this concentrated training clinic.

Our goal is to TEACH, TEACH and TEACH during these clinics!
The Specialty Clinic is a great opportunity for every athlete that attends to better their football skills and take them to another level as a player. Remember: "When you are not in training, someone somewhere is and when you meet, they will win!" The Specialty Clinic is a great way to compliment the teachings of the football camp or a worthwhile stand alone instructional session.

INSTRUCTORS: Sports International brings in over 500 college and high school coaches to work with our organization each summer. All clinics will be taught by skilled coaches who have achieved measures of greatness in these areas either as players, coaches, or both.

TUITION: Enrollment will be limited! Each Specialty Clinic is $125.97 for participants attending a 4 Day Sports International Football Camp or $149.97 for participants not attending a 4 Day Sports International Football Camp (*$55.97 non-refundable deposit). Cancellation Insurance for the clinic is $15.97. This must be paid in full when you register for the clinic. The clinic registration fee includes Specialty Clinic instruction, lunch and early arrival to the football camp if applicable.

* Monthly payments include a processing fee of $6 each time a payment is made by check or credit card. Full tuition payment can be made when you register by check or credit card and the $6 processing fees will be waived.

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