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Camp Date & Location
July 7 - 10, 2014
University of North Texas
Denton, Texas

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All-Pro Anthony Spencer
Miles Austin, Wide Receiver
Oil Bowl Players
Head Coach Jason Garrett
Anthony Spencer, Outside Linebacker
Oil Bowl
Miles Austin
Jason Witten, Tight End
Oil Bowl
Dorms - University of North Texas
Miles Austin, Wide Receiver
All-Pro Anthony Spencer
Jay Novacek, Tight End
Stadium - University of North Texas
Lonyae Miller, Running Back
Kevin Olgetree, Wide Receiver
Dining Hall - University of North Texas
Sterling Moore
Troy Aikman, Quarterback
Bill Bates, Linebacker
All-Pro Jay Ratliff, Defensive Tackle
University of North Texas
Jay Novacek & Darren Woodson
Nate Newton, Guard
Lonyae Miller, Running Back
Phil Costa, Sean Lee, & Bill Bates
Jay Novacek and Everson Walls
Lonyae Miller, Running Back
Dexter Coakley & Darryl Johnston
Jay Novacek, Tight End
Drew Coleman, Defensive Back
Jay Novacek & Michael Irvin
Babe Laufenberg, Quarterback
Everson Walls, Cornerback
Lonyae Miller, Running Back
Samuel Hurd, Wide Receiver
Nate Newton, Guard
Autographs with
Lonyae Miller, Running Back
Jay Novacek, Tight End
Drew Coleman, Defensive Back
Jay Novacek, Tight End
Jay Novacek, Tight End
All-Pro Anthony Spencer
Defensive End, Dallas Cowboys
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"Jay, thanks for inviting me to be an instructor at your camp. I am delighted to be a part of one of the finest instructional football camps available today! The difference you have made in the lives of these young men on and off the field will last a lifetime."

"The players that attend Jay's camp gain an incredible edge on their opponents! I highly recommend it for a player trying to improve their game! The JNFC is football in the purest sense! "

Founded in 1983, we are the best teaching football camp in the nation having graduated over 96,000 athletes, many currently playing at the college level. From 2011-2013, Sports International had 193 NFL players or NFL coaches attend our camps and clinics as instructors. No other organization in the nation can make this claim. We guarantee there will be members of the Dallas Cowboys at the Anthony Spencer & Barry Church Football Camp. If you are an experienced football player or just starting football, our football camps are an experience you will never forget!

You will return home to your team a better football player! Campers learn from outstanding veteran college and high school coaches selected for their ability to coach and teach the game of football. The staff is complimented with Anthony Spencer & Barry Church and current and/or and former members of the Dallas Cowboys. Before the start of camp, each of our instructors attend an orientation session ensuring they adhere to the values and high level of coaching that is expected from the Sports International coaches.

We will teach you the same offensive and defensive techniques that are taught by the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff! Campers are grouped by age, position, ability and experience to allow coaches to progressively teach basic and advanced techniques to best benefit each group. Campers are taught at an approximately 10:1 ratio. This ratio ensures that campers receive individual and team instruction on both offense and defense at camp. With each practice, you will receive in-depth instruction, lectures, and demonstrations from an experienced, knowledgeable coaching staff.

At camp, players get all the football they could ever want. Campers receive up to 6 hours of instruction each day. Each camp is the right size to allow players to be matched up properly at each age level. This allows not only for a proper match up, but also for the campers to be challenged and provided with a better learning environment.

Football Technique is the key to success: There are no "tricks" when it comes to being a solid football player! We believe that proper technique make athletes better and good athletes great! The experienced instructors at Sports International concentrate on teaching the fundamentals and proper technique throughout the entire camp.

Our coaching staff offers each player an enormous amount of encouragement with an enormous amount of enthusiasm. Our philosophy is to "let them have fun" while learning a lot of football! We promise each camper will go home a better football player. But players learn more than just football at camp. They are taught about teamwork, consideration of others, self-discipline, and how to attain their potential in sports and in life. Players also learn the importance of achieving good grades and selecting correct role models. We encourage them to go home a more positive, optimistic person. Safety is important at camp so all of the staff is subject to a background check. There are athletic trainers on duty at all times to attend to the campers needs. Send your son to the finest instructional and best supervised football camp in the USA!

Do Dallas Cowboys players really coach at Anthony Spencer & Barry Church's camp? Yes! Although we never guarantee how many Dallas Cowboys will attend, last summer current and former NFL players attended the Anthony Spencer & Barry Church camp! We promise there will be Dallas Cowboys at Anthony Spencer & Barry Church's camp this summer! Some of the current and former Dallas Cowboys and other NFL players that have taught at this camp include:

  • Coach Jason Garrett, Head Coach, Dallas Cowboys
  • Jason Witten, Tight End, Dallas Cowboys
  • Troy Aikman, Former QB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Jay Ratliff, Former Defensive End, Dallas Cowboys
  • Andre Gurode, Center, Oakland Raiders
  • Alan Ball, Defensive Back, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Orlando Scandrick, Cornerback, Dallas Cowboys
  • Phil Costa, Center, Dallas Cowboys
  • Doug Free, Offensive Tackle, Dallas Cowboys
  • Michael Hamlin, Former Safety, Dallas Cowboys
  • Kenyon Coleman, Defensive End, New Orleans Saints
  • Bradie James, Former Linebacker, Dallas Cowboys
  • Sean Lee, Linebacker, Dallas Cowboys
  • Emmitt Smith, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Kevin Ogletree, Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys
  • Shaun Smith, Former Defensive Tackle, Dallas Cowboys
  • Brandon Williams, Former Linebacker, Dallas Cowboys
  • Scott Shanle, Former Linebacker, Dallas Cowboys
  • Jackie Battle, Running Back, Tennessee Titans
  • Danny Amendola, Wide Receiver, New England Patriots
  • Jay Novacek, Former TE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Bill Bates, Former DB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Daryl Johnston, Former FB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Michael Irvin, Former WR, Dallas Cowboys
  • Darren Woodson, Former SS, Dallas Cowboy
  • Nate Newton, Former G, Dallas Cowboy
  • Babe Laufenberg, Former QB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Eric Bjornson, Former TE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Courtney Brown, Former DB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Kevin Burnett, Former LB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Quincy Butler, Former LB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Dexter Coakley, Former LB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Greg Ellis, Former DE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Larry Allen, Former OG, Dallas Cowboys
  • Ben Fricke, Former C, Dallas Cowboys
  • Randall Godfrey, Former LB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Rodney Hannah, Former TE, Dallas Cowboys
  • George Hegamin, Former T, Dallas Cowboys
  • Chad Hennings, Former DT, Dallas Cowboys
  • Hurvin McCormack, Former DE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Jasper Johnson, Former FS, Dallas Cowboys
  • David LaFleur, Former TE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Chris Boniol, Former K, Dallas Cowboys
  • Jermaine Brooks, Former DT, Dallas Cowboys
  • Kevin Mathis, Former DB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Kavika Pittman, Former DE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Lousaka Polite, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Jacques Reeves, Former CB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Steve Rissler, Former OG, Dallas Cowboys
  • Clay Shiver, Former C, Dallas Cowboys
  • Kevin Smith, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Mark Stepnoski, Former C, Dallas Cowboys
  • Everson Walls, Former CB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Chris Warren, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Keith O'Neil, Former LB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Omar Stoutmire, Former LB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Samie Parker, Former WR, Dallas Cowboys
  • Erik Bickerstaff, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Lonyae Miller, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Al Johnson, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Billy Cundiff, Former K, Dallas Cowboys
  • Abram Elam, Former SS, Dallas Cowboys
  • Marcus Smith, Former DE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Tyson Walter, Former C, Dallas Cowboys
  • Dedrick Harrington, Former LB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Ola Dagunduro, Former NT, Dallas Cowboys
  • Alex Obomese, Former LB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Damarius Bilbo, Former DB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Jamaica Rector, Former WR, Dallas Cowboys
  • Tony Tolbert, Former DE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Kalen Thornton, Former LB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Freddie Jones, Former TE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Ben Noil, Former T, Dallas Cowboys
  • Keylon Kincade, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Reshard Lee, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Ahmad Merritt, Former WR, Dallas Cowboys
  • Richie Anderson, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Marcus Price, Former G, Dallas Cowboys
  • Reggie Swinton, Former WR, Dallas Cowboys
  • Reshaad Lee, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Randal Williams, Former TE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Daleroy Stewart, Former DT, Dallas Cowboys
  • Quincy Carter, Former QB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Pete Hunter, Former DB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Jamar Martin, Former RB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Kurt Volleers, Former OT, Dallas Cowboys
  • Jim Jeffcoat, Former DE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Russell Mayland, Former T, Dallas Cowboys
  • Matt Lehr, Former G, Dallas Cowboys
  • Darrell Robertson, Former DE, Dallas Cowboys
  • James Bradie, Former LB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Pete Hunter, Former CB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Tyson Walter, Former T, Dallas Cowboys
  • Jerald Sowell, Former FB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Anthony Spencer, Defensive End, Dallas Cowboys
  • Brandon Carr, Cornerback, Dallas Cowboys
  • Miles Austin, Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys
  • Sterling Moore, Former Cornerback, Dallas Cowboys
  • Teddy Williams, Cornerback, Indianapolis Colts
  • Jermey Parnell, Tackle, Dallas Cowboys
  • Stephen McGee, Former Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys
  • Victor Butler, Linebacker, New Orleans Saints
  • Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Wide Receiver, New Orleans Saints
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