Robert Kelley


Campers will receive a coupon for a free athletic evaluation and 1-hour session at Evolution Performance Training, Alexandria VA. Evolution Performance Training is a recognized leader for athletic performance in the state of Virginia.  We have worked with athletes ranging from the youth through professional sports to build speed, power, and quickness, that gives them an edge in their sport. Evolution Performance believes that the better the athlete the more you can do.  The more you can do, the better advantage you have over your competition. Campers wishing to improve in their performance testing can contact Evolution Performance Training by calling 703-982-0024.


NextGen was started by former NFL veteran of 11 years, Brent Williams, to help discover and provide exposure for the country's best middle school football players. Top Middle School level athletes at selected Sports International events will be given a free invitation ($99 value) to a NextGen event. The recruiting process for college football starts early. The top college programs identify prospects as early as the 7th grade. #THESEARCH continues now. NextGen Alumni have received more than 150 Division 1 Scholarship Offers. Are you a Rising Star All American? Find out at a NextGen event!



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